About Anna

Anna Y. White was born on a snowy December day in Minsk in 1985.
She started writing poems and small stories when she was just 11. 'I grew up watching my father composing songs and writing music, so I felt I should do something similar, too. As I was getting older, writing became more than a hobby. It turned into a form of self-expression and relaxation for me. I always knew that one day I would write a book. It was just a question of time and inspiration,' Anna says.
Anna's inspiration came when she was just 18, and travelled abroad for studying purposes. 'Everyone thinks that going to a foreign country is easy and fun, especially when you go college, but it's not only that, actually. I had been dealing with problems I would never even face if I didn’t leave my home town, and I can tell you, it's hard, because nothing feels balanced. But, at the same time, I feel blessed I had the opportunity to experience something like that, because my emotions inspired me to write my first real book," Anna shares, smiling.

Her first novel, "The Change", focuses on adaptation in a different, foreign environment and those types of problems that come with it. Along the way, the book shows a very emotional side of the characters, too. It discusses issues that come with roommates, friendships, love relationships, loyalty and many others that most young people experience when it comes to going to college.

So, who is the reader of "The Change"?
This book is recommended to those youngsters, who consider going abroad permanently, because that part of the story shows well what to expect.
At the same time, teenage girls and younger women would have some fun time reading the novel, because it’s both entertaining and worrying when it comes to ‘girly’ never ending problems. Natalya, the main character, is exactly the girl, who searches for her true self in a big city, tries to define what is right and wrong, either it concerns the best friend or the boyfriend, — these are aspects that many girls can relate to, feel with the characters and even learn something from the story.
The author presently works on the sequel of "The Change", where the story of Natalya Orlova continues.
Whether Veronica is out of Natalya's life...well, you have to wait for the second part...